Welcome To The Poor Peoples Pub!

The Pub Hobo was conceived and born in 1974 during a deep, nation-wide recession. The founders of the Pub, Jim Keating and Dan Davis, were unemployed contractors, looking for a way to get off unemployment and find a place to hang out in the small, sleepy NH village of Sanbornville.

The original Hobo

After coming up with the Pub’s name, based on their economic circumstances, the poor people (Jimbo), wanted a logo that would represent who and what they were. A hobo it was.

During a game of Monopoly, they found proximity of what they were looking for. The game’s slick little top-hated bum was just wily and mischievous enough to serve as a model for them.

Our artist removed the top hat (too formal) and gave him a derby (to match one Jimbo had been gifted), caricatured Jimbo features, and the rascal was born; he was Jimbo and Jimbo was he.

Hobo and his dog

Since 1974, the hobo has been on every t-shirt, usually with a dog, made many personal appearances, brought smiles to many events at the Pub, and been the life of our party.

All these years later, he’s still having fun serving up good times, great memories, and tasty Pub grub.

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